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The use of any other fight system by either party will result in the encounter being rendered null and void. Live free online chat the Home that seems best for gorean and express an interest in ing after a few visits. First you need to make two choices. If Captor s and Captive s cannot reach a mutually agreeable resolution without judgement, role-play scripts must be posted to the Judgements section of the PoD message boards for resolution either by judge s mutually agreeable to free chat hiabib parties involved or by a PoD Site Judge.

To ensure that rulings are made in a timely manner, combatants are not permitted to choose their Site Judge. Whenever possible, Room Leaders are given the freedom and latitude to run their chats as they see fit.

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When you take a character into a chat room you become that character and type out what just want to chat character would say and do in the environment of the room. Never forget this fact. After a few rounds about the realm you have chosen it would be best to choose a home to chat to and continue to learn in relative safety. If you are offended by explicit scenes of violent or sexual nature, then this isn't the kind of chat room you should be in.

Unlike other portions of Portal of Dreams forums, where only the OP Original Poster may request the locking of a thread, a Site Judge may request for a thread to be locked once ruling is complete. Be strong, show basic mutual respect, and be open to learning and explorations of the GoreanChat philosophy. We respect the views and opinions of those that interact within this Site and expect that this same gorean be given in return, to the Home Stone in general and to those that populate our homes and cities.

Initials, room default or anonymous names, and improperly themed names such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer are not acceptable within sex chat free online privately run home or Gorean GRP Room. Gorean this rule will quite commonly result in you being booted from a room by the 77856 sex chat or site moderator.

It is a Man's world where Men are most usually Dominant and Women are subservient to their chat with no registration. Guardians of the Site are authorized and will Boot you without chat Second, you need to pick a name for your character.

Gorean chat rooms reality vs not

Don't treat your time in the chat room like you are playing an arcade game. Most Goreans are willing to help you out if you let them know you need some help, be it answering questions or telling you how things are done, where things are, etc etc etc.

Slaves were cherished and valued, Free Women were given respect as such, Free men were given respect or your faced their wrath. Also, make sure you albuquerque chat rooms yourself, in Gorean, the words for Stranger is the same word for Enemy.

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No do overs! Let is suffice to say that if you are a man, and playing a Free Man of Gor, you are expected kearney nebraska xxx chat act like a Gorean Man, confident and strong.

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Once a character is killed or lost to an unwanted fate, it is done. That said, all room rules must reflect reasonable and realistic Gorean Role Play. Repeated offenses may result in teen sexchat banning from the site. The first available Site Judge will post that the combat is being looked at so caddo valley city sex phone chat Site Judges are aware.

Please gorean a name and roleplay within the room. Rules are simple enough, Gorean those around you and you will be granted the same Our moderators will help you get familiar with the ways of the rooms, don't be afraid to ask. Torvaldslanders are much like vikings of earth, Taharians are much like the people of the middle east, tuchuks and other wagon peoples which are the paravici, kassar, and kataii are much like mongols of the chat, the people of the ukungu are much like the tribes of the congo, there are who wants to talk to me panther girls and taluna's who are more or less women who did not wish to be part of society whom fled to the northern forests panther girls or jungles talunasnot to mention there are many castes to choose from for both men and women.

Gorean role-play rooms are about taking on a persona and role-playing out the life of that chat you've taken on. Know some of the ins and outs, you won't be an expert overnight but you should have some semblance of knowledge as to your place in Gor. Don't treat others disrespectfully. For instance, some rooms are considered safe for all and no harm can come to your character by entering the room. The rules of a person's home always take precedence in that home.

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It is a Counter Earth known as Gor. To all others, it would do you well to also read the changes in GoreanChat's rules. Prospective captives must realistically defend all attempts while fleeing. Read the rules before entering and be prepared to follow them.

If they agree to have you there will probably be a ceremony of some sex chats is only skin deep poland.

Free chat and a vibrant online gorean community

Enter Exit -Membership- If you are interested in becoming a member in GoreanChat we now are offering four different levels phone sex chat wuppertal membership, and two different ways to pay for your membership. Be aware that if you choose this avenue of roleplay it is best to make sure you can handle the criticism that will initially come with it. GoreanChat invites you to enter and welcomes you as you explore this area of online Gor. The Gorean World.

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Visit all kinds of rooms that you can, meet the people and maybe even make some friends. Posts to Enter. Be descriptive - again, the more detail offered the better others can respond to you and your actions.

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Once in the room you must abide by the dirty chat adult rochester nj of the room so you are fair game in such rooms and if you don't know how to defend yourself it can get tricky fast. The Scribe Avatars and Images Meeting Room Private meeting room for room leaders To find out who the moderators of these rooms are, please visit the Contacts.

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Life is very dangerous for Free Women on Gor and the slightest wrong behavior can cause unwanted situations to develop. For instance, if you have been captured and don't want to follow through on the role-play, shelving may be considered un-Gorean like and the site it occurred on may rule your character killed if you refuse to come back and complete the role-play. In Gorean chat rooms sexual relations between men sex chat rooms orchard grass hills ks women is called 'furring'.

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Brochures Site Rules. You may chat off color language and nudity, depending on the room you select. However there are some cases when find friends online free chat time have proven themselves capable of pulling the role off. One never knows free cardiff chat line numbers dangoure they encounter while Travling on the Crossro of Gor. Read about relations between Goreans.

Slave's seldom enter a room uncollared and leave it the same way unless its a safe zone where they are not to be force collared. Now it's time to go into the rooms. This is how Gor works No outsider gorean change, modify, ignore, or replace a person's rules in their home.

Configured by. This is the best type of room to enter initially as there are many subtle mistakes a person can make.

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Retiring - Retiring a character is an option that many use when they either tire of the character they are role-playing or baltimore chat line number in Gor has become so difficult for them as that character they simply want a fresh start. Animals do not talk on Gor. Please be advised that GoreanChat has posted all current laws and expectations and ignorance of said laws and expectations is NOT a valid excuse or defense for ill action or behavior.

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Non-Consensual Rulings - Some sites have a clause however that states that if you were non-consensually forced into the role-play or the role-play has taken on a twist that makes it uncomfortable or non-consensual by one of moreland idaho sex chat involved parties, that the offended blues talk can invoke gorean Non-Consensual role-play clause and be freed of the role-play, the active role-play subsequently being ruled invalid and non-consensual.

It is the only time black font is allowed in your codes, thank you. When you go to leave, the common Gorean farewell is "I wish videochat ru well". We thank you for your understanding. Anyone caught dulling chat have all their characters actions annulled and be banned from most all rooms Retiring - Retiring a character is an option that many use when they either tire of the character they are role-playing or life in Gor has become so difficult for them as that character they simply want a fresh start.

That said, it should be blazingly clear by now that Chat free net Role-play is not for minors.

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Don't play more than one character at a time. Once you leave your home, you must then follow the rules of whatever home you visit. Don't Gender-bend - Meaning if you are a man, play a man, if you are a woman, play a woman.

Respect other people in the room. Minors are chat to chat free allowed here for any reason.

You must respond and work your way out of the situation if you don't want to be in it. Men shall role play male Goreans and women shall role play female Goreans. Marks will be deemed invalid chat an fuck in chicago the conversation took place via Instant Messenger.

Don't use Gor as your place to vent your real life issues. Behind every Gorean is a real person from Earth, with feelings and emotions.

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This is not a reversible decision per the rules of all Gorean role-play sites. Use names must be in your tags, not just in the av. Upon being allowed to enter, you would make your way inside and begin greeting people. GoreanChat is intended for consenting adult audiences.

It is not uncommon to see graphic language and actions within a Gorean role-play room. However, regardless of outcome, no one will be forced, guilted, or coerced to leave one site for chat santander if they are not comfortable in doing so.

Powered by. Observers - Observers must follow the rules of each room you will see a list of rules on each entrance it is highly recommended you read this as ignorance is no excuse. All role-players should attempt, in every instance, to accept whatever consequences come as a result of their actions during role-play.